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Anne Davis

Hmmmm. I might just add all the other people in the office to the ideas and content part because it takes a team to make it work at its best. Just think of all the good ideas that might be missed if you only included the principal and the counselor. What do you think?

On another note, I wish I could have seen you as a cowhand. I know you did a fantastic job. I'm glad you are thinking of continuing to be involved with drama.

Your writing continues to be delightful! I love reading each and every post!

Mrs. Davis

Darren Kuropatwa

Hi Zach,

That's a very clever way to help remember! I always tell my students that I tend to remember pictures better than words. I could "see" the office as you described it. A great image and "mnemonic" (memory trick to help you remember something)!


Bronwyn G

Some computers might be organised by different things like Linux or Macintosh. Like Macintosh for graphic design and Linux for servers (I oversimplify things!)

How does the boss hire and fire? I want to know!

Could you be more clear about the way Voice works and how it is linked to the others?


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