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I could not agree with you more, Zach. Jeanie is such a delightful person and so deserving of your kind comments. It is people like her that make JH House such a great school. There are so many upstanding and friendly people working at your school. It almost makes me want to go there. :D

Anne Davis

Hi Zach,

Thank you so much for spotlighting one of my favorite people - Jeanie Smith! She truly is a role model for everyone. I think J.H. House is the best school, with the best teachers and the best students in the whole wide world!!

Now I sure hope you will keep on blogging as you are a role model too. Your post just made my day!

Mrs. Davis

Bronwyn G

Thank you for singing about one of JHH's unsung heroes. I feel like I really know her well and her kindness and compassion.


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