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Bronwyn G

Great story, Zach!

Would like to hear lots more of it.

It's different when JHH students write stories instead of news articles.

I hope this story has a beginning, middle and end. Remember my body analogy?

Also, Phillip Adams (Australian writer) says that his joke books are the equilvalent of ten years in psychoanalysis. I hope your story is the equal of twenty years in psychoanalysis by the time it's finished.

Bronwyn G

I love Mad Libs too!


How do you like my story Zack? I'm at a new school. Its name is “The Robin School for Rock Stars.” The courses here are colorful!

My first assignment is to learn to play the guitar and sing like a rock star. To be a good rock star, I'm supposed to run around a lot, to sweat across the stage, and to jump at the audience. I did not act like that at my old school, so I think I'll have to work on it for a while; this will be interesting homework.

My second assignment is to learn to have an entourage, which is a group of people that always seems to follow around a rock star. I have a lot of friends, but for this assignment I suddenly have four thousand people following me around, telling me how cranky I am, how they really like my jeans, and how I am the most stinky person ever. I can't be sure, but I think they are just saying that.

My final assignment is to put on a rock concert. I have to arrive in a BMW and walk the silver carpet, past all the dancing fans with cameras flashing in my face. Then, when I get inside, my entourage will be there and I will sit with them to the stage. Next, I'll perform ten songs, all while coughing across the stage, singing, and sneezing at the audience. This will be the toughest final exam I've ever had, and the one I'll never forget!

Mrs. Emmert

I want to go to Robin's school to be a rock star!!

Zachary--your story was great...


I htink that i would freakout. But that story was funny and it kept me reading because i wanted to know what was in the box. I liked it!!!!

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