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This story made me chuckle Zachary. I thought it was really humorous. It also made me think about the time you had pneumonia. That definately was not a fun time, was it? I like the part in your story about how you found a cure and made me well. You ought to add a picture when you get a chance. I would like to see how you would draw me being ill. :D I also liked how you stayed to take care of me in your story. I remember you made me lunch last time I wasn't feeling well and watched movies with me.

Bronwyn G


You seem to be good at taking care of people when they are sick. The idioms are well-used too, even though you could have more of them.

Mrs. Meeler


You did an excellent job adding idioms to your story. You were between a rock and a hard place as you had to decide to go spend the night with Richard or stay home and take care of your mom.

I hope you start using idioms in your writing all the time now. Make sure to add one in your next post.

Aren't idioms fun?

Mrs. Meeler

Oh, and I also think you should draw a picture! We can add it to your blog when you get it done.

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