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Bronwyn G


I only have a short time at my computer before I go on holiday. It is a much-needed one, I trust. Then I must get dressed and turn off my record player.

My role model would be my Dad who was a journalist in his daily life before he started working for the Knox Council and then started his own business. I admire him for his sense of humour and in general his attitude to life and just because I love him.

My second role model is Maureen Barravecchio. She is a woman who has been helping me since I was young.

My third role model is my friend Stephen Hagley. I hope he is working hard at being an engineer or found something which fulfills him. I wish I had his talent for mathematics. We worked together a great deal in the middle school, and danced together at the debutant ball and spent time together at the formal. He was always a good partner to me.

All my friends are role models in their own way, and so are all the great readers and writers.

Thank you for asking this question Zachary, I'm sure you will get some interesting responses. I shall read them all when I get back.

When I realised all the JHH students had posted about comments which made them feel GOOD, and also people who inspired them, I was amazed at the variety of choices and what really goes into making a good comment.

So I pass the microphone or conch shell on to you, Zach. Who is YOUR role model?

Bronwyn G

PS. Don't say me!

I know I'm tickled pink but I am going to cry and I am going to have to explain why.

Oh you children! You're always so honest and unsparing with your comments and criticisms!


I enjoyed this blog a lot. It made me think of all the people who have inspired me to always give it my best and always go the extra mile for a good cause. My first role model(s) would have to be my brothers. Brannon for his incredible wit and wisdom and his (sometimes merciless but always well meant) critism...for always pushing me forward and showing me success isn't measured by affluence or celebrity. For praising and always encouraging my writing when I was little and still to this day. Eric for showing me the wilder side of life(in my younger days-ahem) and showing me that constant struggle just makes us stronger in the end and for making me laugh like a kid at everything silly. I'm thankful also for my Dad for taking me to museums and movies during the summer and for his old 8-track on the car rides home to Florida where I learned to love Ray Charles,The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac(old-timers music even then, ha-ha) And you. You are one of my favorite role models. You are an amazing person. I love your sense of humour, your intelligence and common sense. I love how you can wake up with a smile on your face every morning and the sweet, uplifting things you say to me and others. I have so much respect for the way you carry yourself, the way you stop to hold the door for little ones even when you are in a hurry and the fact that you are so talented at so many things and yet a genuinely humble person. I can look at you everyday and know what an exceptional man you will be. You are one of those special people that make this world a better place for us all. LYA.


My role model would probably be my mom. She always looks on the bright side about things. I have two cousins named Justin and Josh. They look up to me and I try to be as nice to them as possible. But sometimes it's hard to be always kind to them. Well see you.
Your Friend,


Our little wild ones Justin and Josh...You know it's hard for me sometimes too to be nice all the time. I don't think anyone can be nice all the time. We all have our bad moods,you know. But you have a good heart and I think that's what it takes. We have to be patient with our little wild boys,don't we? I think it's so wonderful how they look up to you. I can tell you've been a good influence on them. They are so much calmer when they are at our house and I have noticed how a kind word from you just lights them up from inside. I love how little Justin will run in the house and grab you and hug the daylights out of you. And how he makes sure to tell me he doesn't wipe off my kisses anymore. Ha-ha. Isn't it cool how the small things we do can have such a big impact on another? I can think of so many ways that they have made an impact on me as well. How do you think you've grown since they've come into our lives? Do you find it hard being a role model to them or do you embrace the oppurtunity? Thank you so much for saying I was your role model. I am so touched by that. I try hard all the time to set good examples for you but a complement like that means more than words could express. LYA.

Bronwyn G

Consangious love...

I agree that you have possibly grown so much since your cousins came into your life. How do I know this, Zack? I know this because my own cousins have helped me a great deal. Their influence has been doubly important as I have no brothers and sisters, unlike Robin. Robin spoke about her brothers - it moved me, truly.

I'm glad that they can feel calm around their big cousin because he always does special things for them. You really are a great role model to us all, I do believe.

Confession time: it's hard for me to be always kind. I do have a bad temper and I am often easily provoked. But I try always to see the other person's point of view and think over how they would feel before I make my outburst. I hope this softens the blow.

PS. I really enjoyed the second podcast the JHH students made, especially the nice things you, Derrick and Angel said about me. Perhaps one of the girl students did too, but that will have to be elucidated when we get a transcript. I really prefer transcripts when I am listening to podcasts. My Dad was shocked I could hear it from the other side of the room.

In Victoria at the moment, we are having a Premier's Reading Challenge, where children from year 3 to year 9 have to read 15 books and preps to 2s have to read 20 books. I would really like my own cousins to be in it, but Mum told me to leave them alone.

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