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Bronwyn G

Hello, Zachary!

Seems you are well on your way to keeping your New Years' Resolution with this very post! The JavaScript Word Count told me that it was 221 words long. If you wrote like this every day, you would soon have 50,000 words, which is novel-length. Imagine that, a blog with a novel-length. How would you enjoy that? Of course you would get so much good raw material for your writing and be able to record your experiences, reactions, thoughts and feelings. All these will help you get an A+ for writing.

Being open with your thoughts is a laudable goal. But it has its consequences. Already your Longer Life post is getting comments because it appeals to many people. And also you might have to moderate comments. You don't want your hundred comments to be spam or otherwise invaluable. However, they do have a voice, which is every bit as valuable as your voice.

When you show the teacher your best work you are doing yourself and your friends a favour. You are raising the bar of what is possible. What do you hope to do at the end of this school year? You will have many teachers to show your best work to, then, and you can't play favourites with them.

My resolutions are to respect other people, to treat the earth with respect and to respect myself. To see beauty and justice and peace in the world wherever I may find it. To keep on learning and growing.

What newspaper articles are you thinking of looking at? I think you might have a look at Wikinews, where you can even write articles yourself! They are always looking for more e-journalists, and I think your work will fit the bill there. Also use all the great sources you've collected, and evaulate them critically. That element separates the B+/A- writer from the A+ writer, and makes blogs memorable and interesting to the reader. It also shows that you have a strong and independent voice.

I would like to hear more about the Legistature when you have time. That would be a great 100-word post with 50-comments.

With achieving the 100 words goal, it's important to be concise. I think a story that covers the 5 Ws (see Jose-Juan's resolutions, if you haven't already) has about 6 sentences. Vary sentence length too. When you work in such a short space, words and how you put them together are so important!

Bronwyn G

P.S: What are the things outside of class that get your attention so that you can't pay attention more during class? I was just wondering this. Some of them are unconscious so you may be able to get them under control. If they're to do with other people, it might be a bit harder. But don't forget you can change yourself only.

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