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Bronwyn G

Zachary, I do have a tip for backpack safety, but I'm not sure it's a very good one since it's some years since I had to wear a backpack.

I would loosen the straps as they were very tight and hard to shake off.

When your heart is beating that fast, taking off the backpack is a good idea.


Acually, that is a very good tip. Thanks!


Hi zachary,
I love your blog because I read it! Keep up the good work.


Bronwyn G

Hello, young Gabe!

Do you yourself have a backpack? Does it hurt you? What do you do when it does hurt you?

I'm glad you enjoyed Zachary's blog, because I did too.


Dear Bronwyn G,

Yes I do have a bookbag.
Sometimes it does hurt me
You could take it off and carry it with your hands.


I wanted to comment to this blog again because one day last week when I picked up your backpack I could not believe how incredibly heavy it was. It would have been hard for me to walk with it on my back from the car all the way to your homeroom. Some elementary schools even ban wheeled backpacks. I don't think JHH is one of them, thank goodness. I think some possible solutions might be making heavier books in paperback...I even love the idea of giving older students laptops. I know the costs would be an issue but I would definately like to see something being done. Maybe less homework? Or possibly a school website with online textbooks? And maybe a fundraiser or donation program to help provide laptops to children without computers at home? What do you think?

Bronwyn G

Sometimes, Gabe, carrying a book bag with your hands hurts the hands. So I try not to do it.

Robin, your idea of a wheeled bookbag is a good one. When I was travelling around Tasmania I was very happy because I had a wheeled suitcase. One has still to develop some upper body strength, though.

Online textbooks are a good idea. Have you and Zach (and everyone who reads this blog - you have a large audience, Zachary!) checked out Wikibooks yet? Also there is a South African company who does online textbooks.

I also agree with the idea of the fundraiser too.


Sometimes loosening the straps on a pack helps, but you shouldn't wear the straps so loose that the backpack bounces on your butt every time you take a step ;) A backpack is designed to rest in the small of your back, and it is amazing how much that helps lol. Also, if you have a locker... use it. I have a textbook for drama, Japanese, and Math classes, and a binder for Math and Social studies. without my locker... heh. I'd be... well, not better off at all! I am also glad that my school has a block schedule (four classes a semester [and then at Christmas, you switch what classes, like sm1, you might take English, and sm2 you might have science], for longer periods of time a day [90 min. classes instead of 45 min]), because it really does cut down on what I have to tote everywhere ^_^ if I'd taken everything in one semester, I would've had French, Japanese, English, Math, and Drama textbooks at the same time, and then binders for almost everything except PE 9_9 eek!

oh wow, I rambled there... oops! :D


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