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Bronwyn G

I got to hear you and Jose-Juan speak through the kind offices of Anne Davis. You were charming and entertaining. Now with the cariacture I can see you (or imagine you) as well as have heard your voice. I now have a much stronger connection to you, given that we are half a world away.

Isn't it great to be around politicians who really care about education and what students are doing? And technology too? I like the way Georgia State University arranges these things. So I think it sounded pretty cool.

What did you do at Hobby and Lobby? What is that store? I love the way you described the city in your last sentence or two.

Glad you enjoyed last Tuesday. It was a very special day for webloggers everywhere, even if we couldn't come.


I thought this was a really great blog. I'm so proud of my guy! We really had a great time. Jose-Juan and Zachary carried themselves so well and were blogging like pros. I wish all of the fifth grade bloggers were there because I am so proud of all of you. I don't always have time to comment to the other kid's (usually I'm commenting to your posts in the wee hours)but I try to read as many as I can during the week and I am really impressed by the skill and maturity I see from week to week. I really want to thank Mrs. Meeler and Anne Davis for providing the opportunity to you and your peers. They are doing a fantastic job with you all. Thanks also to all of the people giving you such encouraging and helpful comments. I especially liked some of Bronwyn's suggestions to you. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see next week's post. LYA

Bronwyn G

Hi Robin (Zach's mum),

Nice to be sharing the floor with you about Zach's and Jose-Juan's great day.

I'm sorry you don't get to comment much to the other student blogs. I'm sure you would have a lot of worthwhile things to say. Like Ms Meeler says, everyone's input is very important in the blogosphere.

Thank you for sharing your pride in the bloggers. I am sure they will be encouraged and lifted up by this. You really know how to make your son think to a high level, and we see this every week.

Have you and Zach tried Coke Zero, by the way? I sort of remember the old-fashioned Cokes. Weren't they in glass?

(Glad you liked my comments/suggestions by the way, Robin. Glad you're open to the possibility of learning all around the world. Web 2.0 really enables that sort of thing. Perhaps you yourself could start a blog one day. It might make your twilight years more enjoyable :-).)

Mrs. Emmert

Zachary, your trip to GSU sounded so cool! You and Jose-Juan are great representatives for our school and weblogs.
Did seeing GSU make you want to go to college there when you get older. Maybe you will be able to visit other colleges in Georgia, like Georgia Tech or UGA. They are really big too.


Hey Zack!

I read your blog today! It was great!


Bronwyn G

Hi Emerson!

Why did you think Zachary's blog was great? Pick a good reason why you liked it. Did you like the whole blog or parts of it?


Zach and I haven't tried Coke Zero. Is it good? We really don't drink a lot of soda but GSU Tech Night was a special occasion. Zach loved the little bottles of Coke. Is Coke very popular in Australia? Zachary and I have been checking out your blog and we were wondering how you came up with the name. I think it's so awesome that some of the children are leaving you posts.Not only are blogs informative and entertaining they can also open up communication between people all over the world. How wonderful!

Bronwyn G

Dear Robin and Zach and everyone,

Yes, Coke is popular in Australia. It is one of the most popular soft drinks. I enjoyed Coke Zero when I tried it but I have to be careful of the sweeteners inside it as they can affect the brain in a negative fashion.

I came up with A Witness to Tolerance ... because ... it's a long story. Ten years ago there was an International Year of Tolerance (1995) designed by the United Nations. I was a girl in that time, and it moved me to become a witness for all of my life. That's the short version!


hay couse waz^ nm good tell them about your videogame collection.

your cousein,

Bronwyn G

Hi, Zach's cousin Joseph!

No, I don't think he did tell about the videogame collection. The focus was all about blogging. Blogging is fun when you get used to it, and I am sure it will improve your grammar, spelling and general writing skills. Also it will improve your thinking, which video games may not always do.

Anyway, Joseph, did you listen to the podcast? Or did you actually go to Georgia State? You must be so proud of your cousin Zach and the great things he can do. (You might also be a little jealous, but we don't explore these feelings here!).


Thanks for all your comments everyone! Bronwyn, what is Australia like? I have always wanted to visit it. I know that there are lots of animals I have never seen before. What is your favorite animal? Did you know that I was born in 1995? I think that is neat. Actually Mrs. Emmert I did want to go to GSU after visiting it. I'm thinking I will study geology when I grow up. I'm learning about geology in science. I've been collecting rocks ever since I was only two years old. Hey, thanks Emerson! Hey Joeseph! Thanks for the comment.

Bronwyn G

Dear Zachary,

Nice to hear from you!

My favourite animal is probably the elephant. Probably my favourite Australian animals are the quoll, the bilby and the wombat. You might not have seen the Eastern Quoll before because it only lives in one place - Little River Earth Sanctuaries. The bilby is sort of like our Easter Bunny, and the wombat is round and fat. Also I like the platypus.

That is indeed interesting you were born in 1995.

Good luck with the geology, Zachary.

Sorry I wasn't able to give a fuller answer to your question about What Australia is Like? We are always asking foreign celebrities (and that does include a lot of Americans) what they think of Australia when they come.

I can tell you something interesting about Australia right now. A lot of us love sports like tennis. The Commonwealth Games is coming to Melbourne in 2006 which is fantastic, especially as I am going to the badminton.


Zachary you got a big head.

Bronwyn G


I don't know what you're thinking when you say that. Is it because Zachary was drawn as a big head in the cariacture, or is it because he was showing off? If the latter, I don't see any evidence that he was showing off. He's a nice polite young boy who happened to have a great adventure and be able to show his skills in blogging.

I hope you understand me on this one, Angel. Classmates are meant to support each other in their endeavours, otherwise they wouldn't be classmates but disparate people in the same room.

Zachary would never write such a thing on your blog; why would you do it to his? It's almost like vandalism to me.


Bronwyn, thanks for supporting me. I really liked that. That made me feel more confident.

Bronwyn G


Thank goodness. I thought I might be overstepping the mark or doing something wrong. Speaking of that, if we don't stop things because we think they are wrong, we might not get down so far from the path of civilisation. What do you think of that statement?


I think this is an important subject, Brownwyn. I don't think Angel was trying to be hurtful with his comment but this is a very good example that sometimes we need to be careful with our words. I have had to(very recently, in fact)really take a good look at myself and allow some constructive critism from a younger sibling really sink in. In my circle of family and friends my opinion about many things is valued and respected but sometimes I can be very bold and even though I don't mean to I have in the past said some things that were really hurtful to a person I love. This person felt very hurt by what I had said and because of their love and admiration of me really took it to heart and spent many days upset and tormented by it before they came to me and told me how saddened by my words they had been. I felt terrible. I had not meant to be so callous and when I really sat back and thought about what I had said I realized how thoughtless it was and I couldn't apologize enough. I don't think a person is ever overstepping boundaries when it is in defense of another. I would certainly have been embarressed but I wish someone had been there that day to defend the person I hurt. It would have brought it to my attention much sooner and saved a young woman many days of sorrow. I've always considered myself one that tried to support and encourage everyone around me but even though it is a hard thing to admit I made a thoughtless comment and it will probably take a long time to make amends. I'm not sure this really applies to Angel's comment to Zachary because I think he was trying to be funny rather than hurtful but I guess the point I'm trying to make is we should be specific with our comments and really think them through before making them because you never know when someone could be hurt by them. I think Zachary understood Angel's comment was probably meant to be funny but he was still uplifted when someone came to his defense. I think instead of overstepping the mark you have set a very good example.


Hey Bronyn G,

I did not read the whole blog.But I did read parts of it. What was great to me was that my dad works at Georgia state.

Bronwyn G


Your Dad works at Georgia State?

Could you explain to me a little bit more about his job? Is he a professor? A janitor? Or something which doesn't exist yet?

You must have felt so proud when you read Zachary's blog.

Bronwyn G

Zach, Angel and Robin:

You might enjoy reading this story from Raven Days:


It talks about a young lady who was bullied and then she went to Georgia Tech. Basically it saved her life.


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