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Man I love your post a new world would be great you would probaly make a new world with your writing!

Mrs. Meeler

Peace is an excellent gift. A picture of peace that I see includes kids and parents from all backgrounds playing and laughing together. Often, we get so wrapped up in our busy schedules that we don't take the time to just enjoy each other. My most peaceful memories include those times I spent laughing and playing with my friends and family.

Anne Davis

Hi Zachary,
I don't think there could be a better choice than peace. Some others listed peace also. J.H. House has some of the best citizens, thinkers and bloggers! I am proud of your good work! The picture I make in my head is of the world and I see people joining hands all around it. That is a symbol that means all the people are getting along and working together. You are right though. It starts with our families and then builds up to other levels. Good thinking! What picture do you make in your head?

Mrs. Davis


Awsome post,dude.


I agree with you, if we had world wide peace we wouldnt be at war. Troops wouldnt loose their lives if we were at peace. Not only troops wouldnt loose their live, civilians wouldnt loose theirs either.

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