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Mrs. Meeler

I think Tia Shan is a great name for such a peaceful panda bear. I wonder what the other two names mean though? Do you know? Can you find out?

PS - You are doing a great job! Your writing is getting better and better. Keep up the good blogging!


I really liked reading your summary of the panda baby Tia Shan. I was very impressed by your research on the panda baby, Ps. godd job budy.

Ray Juhan

I like the story about the panda Tai Shan. I also liked the way you gave the information, it was very entertaining and interesting. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!


This post was great. You are getting better and better at writing. I loved the picture you included in your post and I'm so impressed with how much you are learning. I think you are the type of person that is just going to be great at anything you set your mind to do. I'm looking forward to next week's post.


Hi Zachary,
I really liked this story. Can you provide a link to the original story that you read to create this article? Sometimes people like to see the source.

I always look forward to your posts. What is your own favorite post so far? If you don't mind, tell why it's your favorite.


Hey hey good post zach


I like it best because it is the only post I have that has a picture. My recent post was a post I call Wicked Wilma. I included a hyper link that would send you straight to the TFK website! Well, I will have a post ready for you to look at soon. Bye!

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