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I enjoyed reading your weblog this week and the nice things you said about the people in your family. Family is very important. Sometimes we might get irritated at each other but it's good to have people in your family you know you can always depend on. One thing you will always be able to count on is how much you are loved and that is a precious thing,indeed. Keep working hard and smile as much as you can every day. Love you.

Mrs. Meeler

My family is very important to me as well. I have a husband, daughter, and no pets. My parents still play a huge role in my life although I no longer live with them. I am very close to my sister and my 2 nephews as well. It is so nice to have people around me who love and care for me.


I agree Zacary when im down my family keeps my head up what!Keep your head up thats right.

Ms. Roper

Wow Zachary, I am so impressed by your post! Family does matter! It is wonderful that you realize that at your age. I actually moved back to Georgia from South Carolina so that I could be closer to my family. The house that I live in is the same one that my mother lived in when she was a little girl. Her father, my grandfather, built it! So these days I get to see my parents, uncle, aunt, cousin and her children often because we all live on the same little “family” road.


Thank you for commenting to my blog!!! And thank you Michael for commenting to my blog. See U Lat_r!


whats up friend!

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