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Mrs. Meeler

According to CNN Student News, the Hurricane got its power from the warm ocean waters. The warmer than normal water being brought by the tropics to the higher latitudes are making conditions ripe for the development of hurricanes. Yikes!


I think that the hurrican drank the water that how the hurrican became so power


Thank you for writing back! It's been good on the break but I'm glad I'm back here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have herd about hurracane katrina. it's horobile plus they talk about it everywere I can't belive what happens to these people can you? and what did they do to diserve that right... am I right. I have a dog do you?

alexa 5-b


I feel sad that so many people died do you?.The comment you gave me it wasn't scary but when the casket open and the person grab me that was very scary.


can you even imagine that i cant that must be so scary i feel horible that new-orleans is now a swimmingpoll

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