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Hi Zachary,

I found an article that says hurricanes gain strength when they cross the Gulf of Mexico.

"The hurricanes draw their energy from warm surface ocean waters, so there's a very strong correlation between the warmer the ocean surface and the stronger the hurricane's going to be." "That's why you often see that as the hurricanes move into the Gulf of Mexico, their intensity goes up from a 3 to a 4, or a 4 to a 5, because that warm water in the gulf is driving the energy."

You ask great questions! Here's a link to the article if you want to read more:

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Meeler

Hi Zachary!

The way storms are named is very interesting. Do you know why storms are given names? We can have two storms at one time, and could easily get confused if we didn't have names for the storms. So each storm is named for tracking purposes.

At first storms were only named after women, but now they are given both male and female names.

Do you know who is responsible for assigning names to the storms?


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