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January 30, 2008


Aspen Easterling

Mrs. Emmert,

I’m a graduate student in the U.S. and I’m working on my Masters paper: “How are teachers using blogs in education?”

I would love to send you a brief questionnaire, if you have time to answer it.

If you’re interested please email me at:

[email protected]


Hi, I am Angelo. I go to Shanghai American School and i have read some of your students blogs. I though it was very good and interesting! Please take some time on reading mine if you have the chance and comment!

Yoo Jeong Jang (from Shanghai American School)

hi, my name is yoo jeong and I go to Shanghai American School. Today, our homework was to leave a comment on your blog and I think your blog is really great!
I also have a blog and if you have time please visit!
~yoo jeong


you are a great writer! I want to be you. Our family stayed in shanghai. I just stayed bored...... study...... have little fun with my father. You know what? I can play golf. I can get about 70 m but I want to improve. My father can get about 185 which is last of golf court.

Please comment on my blog,

G Hao from SAS

The thing is the size of a rectangle. YOu guys have been active bloggers so congratulations.


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