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February 08, 2008


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Hey Sarah! I'm Amanda! I am pretty much the same as you except I'm not Irish and my birthday is in February. Most of the time (actually all of the time), I'm really hyper and kinda weird too. I love dogs too and I have one but sadly, my mom doesn't allow her to have puppies...*sniff sniff* Can you come to my blog sometime to comment? If you can, that would be great. My blog address is:


I wonder why those 4 puppys died, that is so sad. I really like dogs too. My father said that every time a litter of puppys are born at least 2 or 3 of them die. But not 4! I like football a lot. I'm mad that they don't let girls play football. I'm better than most boys. What's so special about football anyway?


Dear Sarah,

Im so happy that your in our class this year AGAIN!!!! I like puppy's to you know i hear people are hurting them thats ABUSE!! DONT YOU WISH YOU CAN STOP IT? well anyways how are your feelings about this year? comment me back!


Well that blog was written before I went skiing in Japan. The snow was perfect for skiing. I learned turning, bombing and how to stop when ever I want. Now skiing is my one favorite sport. I still miss skiing now. Durring my spring break I threw a soccer ball at a 700 year old statue and said header (My dad evan took picture of it).

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