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March 06, 2008



Hey, Lakeithea I really loved your post because you actually had some smooth sentence and your last sentence was great.


Hey Lakeithea it is Chelsea, and I am in Mrs.Emmerts class. I really like your intr post because you said "TAKE A WALK INTO MY POST" I really liked that. Well it is time for me to go. Next time I come on I will try to comment you again.


I like how you did your openig it was interesting and I hope you enjoy webblogs because it very nice and new!

Mrs. Meeler

Hi Lakeithea --

I am so glad you are JHH blogging with all the 5th graders. I plan to "walk into your blog" often to learn more about you and the things you are learning at school.

Happy Blogging!


Hi, I'm from NY and I just want to say that you could make your blog bigger.

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