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October 09, 2007



I'm glad you joined our school. I bet that you learned things that you didn't learn at your school. Swimming is a very fun sport.Do you have any more favorite sports?


"Hi"Otavia this your friend Lakeithea I like the paragraph that you did for the introduction. Do you like to meet people.

Ms. Roper

Otavia I for one am THRILLED that you are at JHH this year. You have been a wonderful addition to the school. It is great to hear that people are helping you learn your way around. I think it would be scary to go to a new school. Were you worried about it this year?


Hi! Otavia!! I am glad you like it here. What made you like to collect pennies? And what is your favorite thing to do in this school since you are new here? Well gotta go bye

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