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August 31, 2007


Cathy Sapp

I love to swim and used to jump off the high dive. Pink is my favorite color, but my 8th grade daughter likes purple. What's your favorite academic subject at school? Do you have a hobby? When is your birthday?


Sup Erica.
Wow, can you really swim up to 10 feet? Your post was great!! Well gotta go Bye!!!


Hi Erica,
My name is Kristen. I am from a local highschool in the Atlanta area. You sound like a very interesting person. My favorite color is purple also. I also like to dance and step. I don't have a favorite academic subject. Do you have any favorite subjects? My birthday is November 24th. When is yours? Hope to talk to you soon.


Hi Erica! I like purple too. My room is the color of your blog! I also like to swim. We have our own pool and its 8.5 feet deep. Can you swim that deep?

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