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April 01, 2008


Gift Philippines

Yeah! I wish to have that cute teddy bear dog and I will name it Phuppy. It is perfect gift for my animal lover friend. thanks!



omg thats my friends dog how funny!! his names charly


awwww soo cutee

gifts Philippines

wow! how so cute the puppy is, he really looks teddy bear. lol :-)



I actually have a dog that's bread is basically called "Teddybear" because they look so much like them and his name is Mr. Teddy lol

send gifts philippines

Wow! This is quite a collection,so cute love it. :)


gift to Philippines

So cute gift ideas! I like it. Wish someone also give me like that. Thanks for sharing! keep posting!


Silk Flower Arrangements

Sooo Cute.....what a "puppy bear"? :)

playmobil zoo

That dog is adorable! Everything seems to be so CUTE!

playmobil farm

In America, the teddy bear, according to tradition, got its start with a cartoon. The cartoon, drawn by Clifford Berryman and titled "Drawing the Line in Mississippi," showed President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a baby bear. According to this often told tale, Roosevelt had traveled to Mississippi to help settle a border dispute between that state and Louisiana, and his hosts, wanting to please this avid hunter, took him bear hunting.

playmobil airport

That was so cute! At first look, it seems real but not. It's so giggly!


Very cute teddy bear dog. I like it. I am sure everyone's like it too. Keep going!

plumbing supplies

I admire the designer's idea of the cute teddy bear dog. I like animal inspired dolls and bears. Thanks!

driving school Bromsgrove

I am looking for a bears that i can put in my new car. My car is very stunning, that's why i like to have some cute bears to put on it. I found it here in your blog. Thanks!

party bags

Dogs are really adorable. They are cute but don't always consider them that way, because they can be harmful too.

double glazing

That's totally cute. I wonder if dog lovers would love to receive a teddy dog like this.

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