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August 31, 2007



Hey Joesph that blog is tromendous.I never knew that the capitol of Washington was Olympia. For some funny reason I thought that it was Seatle.Also I think that you might want to check a few words in this post.


I like your post. i think you did a good job on it. Now i now a little about Wasington. have you ever ben to Wasington?

Ms. Roberto

Hi Joseph,
I am very interested in learning about all of our 50 states. There are so many cool and fun things to do in each one. I am from New Jersey. For such a small state, we have many different areas. I am from the "Jersey Shore" area where there are beaches, boardwalks and lots of fun summer activities. Do you know what a boardwalk is? Now that I live in Ga., I am finding out lots of things I didn't know about the southern states. I will be reading your blog so that I can find out more!
Keep up the good work.

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