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April 16, 2008



Hi!!!!!!! I love the way that the sad face is crying. It remained me of my dad leaving me. i was crying to much that my mom sent me to the bathroom. I really missed my dad. I wish that I could go live with him forever. But then I would miss all friends. i just wish that i had my parents toghter again.

Alejandra V.

I think I know why you chose that idiom. Is the idiom "suffering because of the person" or "suffering for another person"? I love the pictures on the background!!! I would of never guessed the background would of been blue. You are always choosing the color purple. It wouldn't surprise you if I used the color blue. Or would it?! I always know when you are going to laugh that's why I told you to look on my Idiom post. Talk to you later.


I like your sad face. It is the best of then all. well see you later. lol



this is a nice,and tricky idiom.I REALLY DIDN'T KNOW HOLDING THE TRENCH MENT THAT.

Taobao auction

une personne connue:tout le monde cherche à prendre une photo avec elle:)

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