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October 23, 2007



I know what that dog is. She is cheerleader. I wonder how they put that costume on her? What do you want to be for Halloween?


I am a vanpire woman. I dont know how they got that on her.


WoW. Ilove to go trick or treating. I dont have a dog. i wish i did. Do you have a dog.


Hey! No I have never been in a land that is all green. Nice pic. Yeah, I know what that dog is. A cheerleader.I just wonder how they put it on her or him. Do you know?


Cassidy I like how you made your post. I really enjoy it.


Corey I do not have a dog, but I will be baby sitting two dogs this thankgiving. There names are Pepper and Allie actually Mrs.Corliss's Dogs. Have a great Thanksgiving.


No I don't Polet? I think it is animated,or they just used alot of expensive things like cameras and equitment for it. Oh by the way do you have a dog?


that dog is so cute. I wonder how he got into it. Well got to go bye.

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