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September 26, 2007



I like your blog it is so cool

Ms. Roberto

Hi Cassidy,

I read your opinion about computers and I understand what you are saying. However, did you ever think, what if there was a power failure for some reason? How would you use your computer? What if your cat spilled soda all over your computer and it short circuited it? What if your baby cousin hit it with a baseball bat and broke the screen? All sorts of things could go wrong with a computer. Then how would you be able to do what you had to do?
This is why you need to know how to write too. I used to work in a hospital that relied on computers for everything, but we also had to know how to write all our speech reports, the doctors had to be able to write prescriptions and the admission desk had to be able to write down people's diseases. Just in case the computers went out (which they did sometimes) we had to be able to keep the hospital running OK.
So, while I think you have a good point, I also think you need to know how to write well too. :) That is my opinion!


What's up. I think You are right about that there's more imformation on the computer the our books. we need to pratice typing for when we are grown-ups, Becase every single year we are one year closer to be a grown-up(I learned that saying on a show.) Well bye!!!


Mrs roberto,
I like you opinon of what could happen to computers ,but i said at school coamputers and how could a cat spill it at school,and how your cousin be there if he is a that is my opinon of what you said

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