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August 31, 2007



you had a great post ,but you used a sentence twice. you also had grammer errors, otherwise you had a great post!


dEar Casssidy,
Your post was great!Iloved your Iam poem!


Wow, you sure know a lot about Oregon!
Why is it called the Beaver State? Does it have a bunch of beavers roaming around the streets? Better keep your feet covered you wouldn't want any of those beavers nibbling at your toes. (lol)
Did you know that a Douglas fir is a type of Christmas tree? That's one of my favorite types of trees.
They have a state butterfly that is so cool. The swallowtail is really pretty. It has long wings.
Great job! Keep on Blogging.

Amy Bundschu

Hey Cassidy,
It's woonderful to see all things you learned in Kindergarten are paying off in Fifth Grade! :) Do you remember what kind of butterflies we hatched and released back then. I wonder if they were anything like Oregon's state butterfly????
Can't wait to read more!


Mrs Dugas that was so funny . I really did alot of studing for i do now alotlol I didn't know that the Douglas Fir was a christmas tree well thanks for hte info bye

Cameron G

Yes Cassidy I have been to Oregon. It's a real quiet state, and I like that. You hosted the 13-14 Regionals to go to the 13-14 Little League World Series. We had so much fun there. We swam in the Columbia River( I got sick). Have you ever been there?

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