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September 18, 2007



This is really funny,and by the way the lunch at my school is not that good either!


Hey, I know how you feel. Our lunches are pretty BAD too. I know a lot of kids that take a lunch box to school every day. Don't worry though.


Hi my name is Morgan and I think your blog is good. At my shcool the food is also bad but it is some times realy good. Also, I hope your school can get some better food.


I agree.I go to GWA,and our food is not that good either! The only lunch I like is the tomato soup and grilled cheese. It does not sound that good but, but it is!

:]Today is my Birthday!!
&&Macy and Jessie are soooo..kewl!


I agree. I go to GWA and our food is not all that great either. A lot of people ususally bring their lunches.


I usuaslly bring my lunch to


I know how you feel but prison food is way way way worse, not that i would know are anything but what i have heard from my uncle who is a retired cop it is basicly like pig slop. So dont feel so bad, i get sick from my school food. Plus you always can brown bag it.

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