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September 18, 2007


Mrs. Emmert

I hate snakes! I would never ever try to take those shoes. Why do you think they used a snake to guard the shoes instead of an alarm?


I liked how alot of the blogs had a caracter. That told a story.
The interesting story is that who ever has the snake must not know that there are alarm system out there or maybe its just a pet they have and they use it for there alarm system.
Because most house that have alarm systems can sometimes get broken into. I must say that I would have to tip my hat to them They must know that alot of people are afraid of snakes and would never get close to poisonous animal. Others may but I dont see why.


WOW, I didnt know that a snake liked shoes that much


I would get a stick and (very very long stick) and put it through the shoe lace, and pick the shoe upu you should be able to get it.

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