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October 22, 2007



I like the beginning! It will change my appetite because I love dogs and I wouldn't like to eat them!


They r just the cutest things. NO one would want to hurt them. But, It kind of makes me want to have little bite. Not a big one, maybe. Just a small one. Well see yah. Oh and remember to log on to my blog.


Those dogs look so cute where is that anyway? I am so gonna visit it if you tell where it is in a comment on my blog.

Sung An

Hi,I Sung An. I think it will be good idea, because if all the dog are mine, i will get the and go to the Halloween.


Hello Chelsea,
I also think the dogs are cute. I wouldn't want to eat them at all because the wpuld ruin my appetite, anyways I think that they would beina good commercial theycan animate the dogs and turn them into a talking dogs.Do you know how they got those dogs in the costume? I think they struggled trying to do it. Don't you? Well the time is now to go hopw to tlk to you soon.

P.S. Comment on my blog PLEASE


Nice post i Think it was realy great.I'll Like some fries with this post please.

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