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September 26, 2007



Some laws are unfair, and quite frankly some laws are odd. For example, in one state, men are not allowed ot sew or knit during the harvest moon. But, you're right, many laws protect us everyday.
Cool Blog! (=


That is one odd law. I mean what is it going to do to you, eat you? I think that you are right. Maybe they should think before they have those laws. I like you blog.


Thats wierd about the rearview mirror thing.I wonder why thats only in New Jersey?!
Great job on your blog.


I totally agree with you some laws are unfair but the rearveiw mirror one i sortof agree with those are distractions and there ave been records of crashes because people were distracted with the chain or whatever fixing it, or taking it off.


Yes, i think you are right some rules are unfair but some are just for our safety and others are just common sense. Rules are getting out of hand and i think they should lighten up on the rules a little.

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