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September 06, 2007



I didn't know all those things about New York either. You did a good job researching and writing your post. I can tell you paraphrased the information you found? Do you what paraphrase means?


Thanks,and no i'm really not sure what paraphrase means but i hope you will let me know next time you comment me.


Hey,Chelsea I loved your New York post.I have seen New York .The buildings are so big that I think that I,m giong to go crazy so thats all I got. I also love your creativity.

Mrs. Meeler

Chelsea - I love the way you introduced your post on New York. That really gave me some insight on why you wrote the post and how you were able to find so much information. Remember to proofread your work really carefully because you have a world-wide audience!


NYC is the best place EVER!!! i love to go shopping in NYC and we have the best view from our hotel and the best food i have ever eaten. i love to go to CENTRAL PARK!


Thanks for commenting on my New York post,and I totally agree that NYC is the best place ever. The food is great especially the pizza it is so cheezy. I also LOVE going to Central Park and Cony Island, and splish splash. etc.

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