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September 17, 2007



Hi tyler i real like your post and i think that thatis so nices of the dog to be taking care of baby squirrels and i think it is kind of dumb for the owner to think that her owen dog would eat a squirrel when you get a chabce comment me back bye

Ed Roberts

Dear Tyler, I am Ms. Emmert's dad. I enjoyed reading your blog, especially the part telling about you and your feelings. I like the same sports you do. Maybe we can play golf some time. Bye for now.


The comment about the CNN thing is so funny


Ha tyler i realy think that is cool that a dog would bring in 4 squirlls all at 1 time and i also think that the owner probuler fell kind of sily for thinking that the dog was going to eat the squirlls you know what they say dog are prety smart comment me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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