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November 30, 2007


Ms. Emmert

That is an interesting idea. I know there are products you can buy to help you conserve water at home. I have heard you can put a container in your toilet and it won't use as much water. Have you ever heard about that?


That's a really good idea to conserve water! I hope you win and wish you good luck!


Hi Dylan,
I think that you post had nice thought provoking words.I can tell that you thought about what you were going to write, and you did'nt just write any think down.I think that you have some very intersting words .I think that think that this is one of the best post I have read in a long time.I hope that you win that contest to.

Bill Fisher

I found a great home water conservation device that saves water and also saves me a bunch of time! I got a Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water valve a few months ago and it's awesome! It’s a recirculation system that needs no electricity or pump! I don't waste water down the drain waiting for the water to get hot anymore in the shower. It's quite convenient to not have to stand waiting for the kitchen water to warm up too! I think it will pay off pretty quickly. I paid only $179.95 at their website. It was super easy for me to install! I think everyone should get one if you want to save water, time, and energy! One unit was enough to work for my whole house! Here's their site... Check it out:


An anti siphon valve helps prevent the back flow of water to the water source. This avoids the contamination of the water supply from other foreign objects or chemicals that may get into the plumbing as the water pump in an outdoor.

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