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September 21, 2007


Mrs. Emmert

You used some great details to explain the picture. I almost felt like I was there in the city too! What are other ways to make writing exciting to the reader?


Cool, I have never been to New York, but I want to go someday.


That picture is gorgeous.Have you been to New York?I have.Time Square is so beautiful at night.Also while I was there I saw Lion King at the theatre,let me tell you it was awesome!!



That is a really neat picture!I think you should write about the picture to explain it a little more.Where is the picture?


You obviously spotted Central Park in the centre of the photo. And can you see what word in that sentence tells you I'm not from the USA? ;-)

Mrs. McCullers


I was checking out some of the blogs at JHH. Our Top Dog Blog from two years ago doesn't hold a candle to these done by you fifth graders. I am so impressed!

Can you tell me how you got that owl to describe the New York sky? I think my students would like to give that a try.

Thanks for teaching me!

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