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September 18, 2007


Ed Roberts

Hey Dylan, I am Ms. Emmert's dad. I am a teacher too. I teach 7th grade American History. I enjoyed your poem about yourself. Sounds like you are a really cool guy. Me too. Be cool.


that is nice of the dog taking care of baby squerals but I thougt dogs couldn't climb trees


That was really nice of that dog tho take all the baby squrrals and take of them. How did the dog get in the tree?


If i were a dog and i had the brain i had now and i cared i would take care of the animals just like the dog did. I have had many baby squirrels, and they are really fun to take care of. They crawl all around you when they are a couple months old and when they are born you get to feed them through a eye dropper and they are just really cute.
The best of luck this year in 5th grade!!


hey Dylan I would like to answer your question, yes I would take care of those squirrels if I was a dog because everybody needs help sometimes.But the biggest question is that if you would take care of those squirrels.Later Dylan

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