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October 25, 2007


Ms. Roper

I totally agree with your opinion Holly, all animals should be treated nicely. Having a pet is wonderful. They are fun to play with and are great company when you feel lonely. Anyone that has a pet or sees other animals around should treat them properly.
I have had pets all my life, mostly dogs. In fact, I have a monster of a little dog now named Alley. She depends on me to take care of her, feed her and give her medicine so that she can be healthy and happy. I think pet owners have a responsibility to care of their pets.
Alley has left me many “unexpected surprises” to discover when I get home from school. She doesn’t think I’m being nice by leaving her alone every morning to come to school. She loves to pull the covers off my bed to make her own cozy bed on the floor. That is really funny when you consider the fact that she is only 9 pounds!
Alley also thinks that I am not being nice if I dress her up for Halloween! I don’t think she would be happy if I made her wear a Yoda costume like the dog in the picture of your previous post.
Do you have any pets? And if so, do you make them wear costumes for Halloween?


Holly, I totally agree with you about being nice to animals. Infact I have a pet and it is wonderful. Its a dog and her name is keke. I don't think people should hit the animal just because the persons mad. Oh yeah do you still have Maggy?

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