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September 04, 2007



Holly, thank you for commenting me. You are a very smart girl too. I think you will pass fifth grade. Thank you for telling me that I,m a smart girl and that I will pass fifth grade.


Hey Holly this is Tyler in your class not in Mrs. Henning's class. I think that is a great blog. Oh gotta go see you later.

Ed Roberts

Hi Holly, I am Ms. Emmert's dad. I love your blog. I like the part about the dog who adopted the baby squirrels. I used to have a dog, but it was so wild and crazy we had to give it to my stepson Charlie because he has lots of land for it to run around on and use up all his energy. He likes it much better there. I miss him alot. Be sweet. Bye


I'm positive that you WILL pass the 5th grade.
I know I did.
And if I can.
trust me.

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