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November 30, 2007



Great job Shaia! I am really proud of you for wanting to help conserve water. Keep up the good work!


How come you don't comment me no more?But I like your post!!!!


Has your idea worked Shaia?Any way I think that you can conserve water by not useing a lot of water.My sister does that all the time she stays in the shower for hours and hours sometimes I think that she's swimming in a lake full of icky and slimy plants and can't get out.Any way I have to go'I forgot have you ever made a project with a partner and it actually worked also do you have any more ways to conserve water?


This made me think about how much water my family and I use. In my family we use a lot of water. Now I am trying to thinke of a way for my family and other people in this world should do to save more water. I have just thought of two ways that we can save water. One way is by useing less water when we wash dishes and thats by turning off the water when we do not need it. The other way is by the people who want a pool or has a pool they should not use it or get one so they would not be useing the water that othre people needs, so they shuold go to a publice pooland use it if they wnat to swim.I beat there is lots of other was that we all could do to save water.

Don't you think so?

Do you think that this is something good that every body should do it?

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