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September 13, 2007


Mrs. Meeler

Hi Shaia - I will definately read your blog! I can tell by the details in your Venn Diagram that you are indeed very smart! I know you will be a terrific blogger this year! Do you like to write?


Thank you! I do like to write. My mom always told me that if i write then it will help my imigination. I always think that if i write every once in a while then it will help me in school as well.


Hello Shaia! I was so excited to be a blogger too.
Purple is my third favortite color.
What is you second and third favortie color? Nice post bye


purple is a cool color i like pizza,and im not that smart but your blog is really good byeee


hi shia its otavia. Do you remember me from the playground? I need info about the party. Give it to chelsea. She will tell me.Are you still having the party?


Hi! I can tell that you like the coler purple.I like the coler green and another coler but i don't think that you should know. Do you have any other foods that you love? well you can comment me back.BYE!

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