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September 18, 2007



i think that dog was very smart to do something like that...that was neat how it saved a squirrels life


I think this dog story is amazing.This is the cutest story i have ever heard! This dog must be the sweetest thing ever. I thought that all dogs wanted to kill squirrels, but I am so wrong.


It is very cool to hear about a dog taking care of another animal, especially a baby squirrel.


That is such a cute story!One thing is forsure I never thought about a dog helping little baby squirls!


Thats a really cool story! I love your blog!


That is really cool how the dog saved the squirrels life.


That is realy cool I did not hear about that. Now I can tell everybody about it.

Tommy Van Galder

that is a cool dog and he is my hero


I think tat is an awesome story and I can't believe a dog did that!


cool story. I like your blog.


Wow that is soo awsome. It is amazing what an animal can do. Dogs in my oppinion are very bright. There was this one dog who jumped into an ocean and saved a baby i think.


I think that it is amazing that a dog can save a baby squirelles life.


This is a very interesting story, a dog helping baby squrals. Thats cool!

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