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September 04, 2007



your story is ok i liked it cant wait till you make a new one.i liked the expreshion givven in it.


Nice writing you must really have feelings for other people. If you keep up the good work you'll someday be the best writer.


Jose your post is the best yor have a good backaround.SEE YA!

Mariana Padilla



Hey im Kyle, im from a nearby High School and I think the amount of effort put into this post was so amazing!


Hey Jose Juan! My name is Jordyn and I'm a high schooler in Georgia. I read your post just now and I think it's very sweet of you to express how you feel, even online! As of my opinion, I think you'll succeed in the unit of writing during the near future; I just urn for another post :3

Keep up the terrific work!


Jose Juan, remember to puts periods between each sentence. It will make it easier to read. Keep blogging!


cool blog

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