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September 18, 2007


Mrs. Meeler

Hi Money! Do you remember any other details of the story? Remember to add as many details as possible when you write so that your readers will get a very good idea of the topic. What is your favorite part of CNN Student News? I was so excited to hear Carl's Shoutout to us! In fact, in that same episode, they did a follow up segement to the story you posted about. Write a follow up post with more details. Happy Blogging!


Money I like what you sent me. I like the way you used interesting words and how you gave deatails about what happened. What do you think about that happening. Will you blog me back and tell me.

Rick Emmert

Hi Money. I'm impressed you're staying on top of current events. Keep up the good work! I assume you'll be reading my post after the Fall Break. Did you do something fun with friends, go somewhere special with your family, or both? I look forward to you telling me all about it. See you soon,

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