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September 04, 2007



mrs emmert
i was scared to blog because I thought i was going to make a mistake and kids were going to laugh at me;but now i know there not and is cofindent because of you thank tou mrs Emmert

Mr. Harris

I agree with Ms. Emmert, you do have some interesting ideas. I used to share your same feelings about blogging on the internet. However, I realized it is a safe way to express how you are feeling. Now on to another topic my friend, please make sure you are proofreading your typing, becuase you may never know who is looking at Mr. HARRIS!

Mrs. Dugas

It is nice to see that you are interested in your school work. What makes blogging fun for you? I like the fact that others can comment on your work. I get a chance to chat with some of my former students. Do not worry about others making fun of you. You can only do your best. Everybody has to be proud of you for your best work!!

Cameron G

wassup money! lov the name. Is that your real name or just a nickname. There's no need to fear blogs dawg. your blog is great! looks like a myspace. Do you play sports or have a favorite activity.


Hey money it is Chelsea from Ms.Emmert class I really liked your free time post but there is really nothing to be scared about blogging but i was scared at first to.


money I really like your post I wonder when your going to do your next one.


Hi money you have a great post .Post me a commment.


Money this is Autumn I really like you post its pretty good. I think you can check over your work little better.So far its good!!

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