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September 19, 2007



Terion ireally like the post its very interresting.When will you write your next post


I like your post terion you have colorful words see you soon.

Mrs. Meeler

Blogful - I like that word Terion! I can tell you are creative, and I hope you work hard to post excellent writing pieces on your blog. Remember - you are writing for an audience - so bump up those thinking skills!

Mrs. Emmert

Yes, rereading what you write will help you catch mistakes. I even have to do that when I write. What other things have you learned to do in order to make your writing good?


Terion I like you post its pretty good I think you could have added more details to your Introduction post.So far its the best post I have ever read.Why do you like blogging?


Nice language.Have you gave up get?Well,hopefully you will not give up.Thanks for sending me a comment.I have told you a millon times that that poem is not for a special person.

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