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September 18, 2007


Mrs. Meeler

Hi Meagan - I couldn't read your post because the writing is too small. We'll correct it in class so your readers can comment. Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Emmert

Megan, I can tell you were listening during CNN. Have you ever eaten Wonder Bread? I try not to eat it, because I know wheat bread is healthier.

Megan, also remember to never use last names on the blog. I read a blog earlier where you used your friends' last names. We had to change it. Your writing has been great though, keep it up!


wow meagn i am imprest by all yor writings!!!!!!!!! Why did u write about this it was a great story and very interesting comment back


WoW i love your blog. I didn't hear about that. im glad i didn't eat it. comment back please


Hey corey and josh! thanks for the comments! Yeah um comment me back thanks! bye!

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