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August 30, 2007



hi Shay I lilke you blog I think that you can check yuor spelling and things like that a little more.I like your hard work.I like to type. do you play any sports?


well shay i like to go on the enter net and read about indans and go to well thats all

by: brittney


Hi Shay I think your doing great on your post.Why do you like drawing.When did you start.I like to go swimming do you?


Well, shay what i really like to do is stay focus in school and hand out with my best friends and i love to listen to music and play my ps2 and my Wii well, i do beleive thats it! Comment me back thanks!


Hello Shay,
I enjoy stepping, and dancing. Do you have a favorite subject? I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago. What is your favorite state? My favorite state is Georgia, because that is where I live.


hi shay I like blogging to and my favorite color is green, my favorite character is winne the pooh ,and coloring is my hobbie .

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