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October 09, 2007



I agree with you. You have a point about pets are people too. And they are cute with little joy when they are little puppies and when there dogs. So yes we should save dogs and there lifes.


I am totally on your side about pets. Peoples' pets should be treated like one would like to be treated. I am just not real fond of punishment towards animals unless they REALLY deserve it. So, I am totally on your side.


Hi justin,
I also think you should save animals.

Ms. Roper

I think you are correct, Justin! Pets are people too. In fact, my dog thinks that she IS a person. She doesn’t really like being around other dogs especially if they bark a lot. She acts like they annoy her.
Did you know that pets can sense when we are not feeling well? Some dogs have actually saved their owners life by warning them that they are having a heart attack or that their blood sugar is too low. There are even specially trained dogs known as Therapy Dogs that visit hospitals to cheer up sick patients.

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