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Bronwyn G

Oh no I won't Victor!

Seriously - Melbourne has a very good public transport system which will be pressured a great deal for the Commonwealth Games this year, so I can use tram, train and bus for wherever I want to go. I can even go to Pakenham on a weekend to see my cousins, which is three hours away.

They may not be fast, but they do good for the environment and create public goodwill.

Also I can get about perfectly well on shank's pony (legs).

Mrs. Meeler


I do have a car, a black 2004 Envoy. I like it pretty good.

Here in Georgia, it is almost necessary to have cars for transportation isn't it? I don't know what I would do without my car. Where I live, I don't think we even have taxi's, so I would be up the creek without a paddle if something happens to my car.

I wonder what it would be like to live in a place like Bronwyn where you don't have to have your own vehicles as a mode of transportation. I would probably save a lot of money and it would be better for the environment as well.

I hope you get a chance to buy that Nissan Skyline one day. You will have to get a good job to be able to pay for it. Do you know how much they cost? What kind of job do you think you will have one day to afford such an expensive car?


I have a mustang and my dad will give it to me when I'm old. Why do you like cars so much Victor?

Mrs. Anthos

wow, it sounds like you are really into cars. I myself have a SUV, and that makes me very happy. i always wanted to have a SUV, b/c when i was younger, i had a car that was so big, people in school called it the "hoopty", or a "banana boat", (even my soccer coaches made fun of it) it was OLD, and then the air conditioner broke, and i didn't like that. I dreamed of being able to afford a SUV one day, and now i have one, so that is my dream car. I know if you keep doing well in school, one day you'll be able to have your dream car too.



I like cars because I think they are cool.


Mrs. Meleer

I want to be a Soccer player when I am older to buy the Skyline.

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