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Hi Victor,
I really like the reason for the name of your weblog. That is special as your blog is special.

My favorite animals are horses. I have watched the movie "Spirit" with my granddaughter and it is a special story about horses. Have you seen it? I love soccer, too. Both my daughters played. What is your favorite part of the game?
Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Meeler

Victor -

I like the name of your blog and the reason you named it that. Your weblog can be a gift that you leave for all the upcoming 5th grade ESOL students next year.

My favorite dog is a cockerspaniel. I had a pet cockerspaniel during my childhood named Sassy. She died two years ago of old age.

But I love bulldogs too. I am a really big UGA fan and our mascot is a bulldog. I graduated from UGA in 2001 with my degree in Health and PE. Did you know I used to be a PE teacher before I became the technology specialist at JHH? I love PE and Computer Lab just like you!

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Ms Sanchez

my favorite animal is a sloth. you tell me why you might think why i love this animal so much.

Bronwyn G

Because they get to rest all day, Mrs Sanchez?

Nancy McKeand

Hi, Victor! I am glad you like Social Studies. That was always my favorite subject in school, too. I studies to be a social studies teacher, and I did that for a while until I went back to school to teach English to people, like you, who are just learning it!

DO you think you might like to teach social studies some day?


Hi Victor,

Great job on your first post! I love your blog name. I bet next year's class will learn a lot from your blog postings.

I have always loved Social Studies and maps. I love to visit places all over the world. Besides going back to Mexico, what country would you like to visit?



I think I might teach Social Studies some day.Thanks for comments to my weblog,by the way do you teach Social Studies?


Ms. shaw

I would like to visit another country besides Mexico. I would like to visit Australia because I want to see the animals, by the way would you visit another country?andThanks for comments to my weblog.

Bronwyn G

I hope you would visit Australia as soon as you get older.

You might meet the koala, kangaroo, wombat and the Eastern Quoll, among other weird and wonderful species like the blue-tongued lizard and the Aussie Shepherd.


Yo Victor you are in my class and you are a good friend. Keep up the good work and fight the power like Uncle EDDIE.....


Hey, Victor!
Your first post is great! I was impressed! My favorite animal is probably a dog as well!
Victor I hope you do the best you can do pal.


This made me think that you will be a great weblogger. Victor I really enjoyed your post. I am glad that you like bull doggs because I do to.



I have visited many places, but the place I haven't been to that I really want to visit is Costa Rica. I would love to visit the rain forest and see all the wonderful plants and animals that live there.

I hope to take the trip in 2007. It will be a gift to myself when I finish my Masters degree.

I think it is wonderful that you would like to be a Social Studies teacher! Where would you like to go to college?

Ms. Shaw


Zachary thanks for comments to myblog.



Thank you to write to my weblog.and Thanks for the compliment



I like how this post told me more about what kinds of things you like.

My car is not fast, but it gets me where I need to go. My very first car was an old taxi that cost $1. Yes, that's right, $1! Then it cost $400 to make it run right! Then it died soon after that. I hope you don't have the same problem with your first car!

A helpful tip:

Always put a space after your periods.


Your post was great. I really liked it. I do not like those dogs. I like goldenretreaver. they are so cute.My mom dose not like pitbulls .She says that they look so ugly.



I think I would like to teach Social Studies in California.

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