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Mrs. Meeler

My favorite Dr. Suess book is "Oh the Places You Will Go". My high school principal read that to us at our high school graduation and the words of wisdom in that wacky tale is amazing.

My husband and I also enjoy reading "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" to our daughter. It is one of her favorites.


I think I like the stories Dr. Seuss writes and sometimes the stories are really funny that I can’t stop laughing and my brother he likes the stories too.


Ms.Shaw I like CAT IN THE HAT the book because its funny and my favorite part of the book is when the cat is fixing the house.


I like the moose because he is funny.


My favorite story is the cat in the hat because it is funny.It is a good story.


My favorite character is the Grinch.I learned that you should not be so greedy and mean.


I liked how you talked about Dr.Seuss .I bearly know anything about Dr.Suess only that he wrote alot of books.I learned alot of things from the place you told us to go if we wanted to know more about him.

Bronwyn G

My favourite book of Seuss's is Hop on Pop. I learnt a lot of words, and I learnt about the dogs. I think he wrote a book called Go, go, go, about dogs. Also I have enjoyed A Fish Out of Water. I do have a wide command of Seuss's ouevre, and I think I will introduce the books to my cousin Moriah. I hope she enjoys them. Eight is not too old to enjoy Seuss, I don't think. As you have seen, many adults still remember Seuss and enjoy him very much. Lots of people in the Third World may encounter him for the first time.

The lessons Seuss teachers? He teaches people to be kind, and to develop their sense of humour and of fair play. He teaches people to read and write. He teaches them to be honourable and truthful, and not to be judgemental. He teaches people to be neat, and to have fun without their parents (The Cat in the Hat).


I am in the fifth grade, and in second grade used to be in your class. I used to like Dr.Seuss's books,and I still do!


My favorite Dr. Seuss character is probably The Cat in the Hat because of one of the books he came in. I belive it was called The Sequel of The Cat in the Hat. I think that Dr. Seuss was a very good poet and writer. I still enjoy his books, somtimes I sit right by my bookshelf, pick a Dr. Seuss book and read!


I lika Ms.shaw becaus is so good and is so nice and pretty womand and I like a lot and is my favorite tacher becaus is so nice with every children and is my favorite womand in the world

Bronwyn G


The sequel is called The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

I'm so glad you enjoy Ms Shaw's company and that you learn such a lot from her.

Which Dr Seuss book do you like best of all?

Mrs. Anthos

i also LOVE Dr. Seuss----as you students know, i LOVE things that rhyme. The cat in the hat is probably one of my favorites. Did you know that Dr. Seuss was an artist too? There's a book called "The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss"--it's really cool.
Zoe, my daughter, also loves it when i read Dr. Seuss books to her---which makes me so happy!

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