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Bronwyn G

My favourite thing at school is writing and helping with the magazine.

My favourite animals are chimpanzees, rabbits, elephants and human beings.

My favourite music includes all sorts of eclectic taste. If I chose my favourite singer would be Celine Dion and Kim Wilde.

My favourite TV show is probably The Einstein Factor. If you read my blog, Rocio, you will probably find out more about it.

Thank you for asking about our favourites and sharing your favourites. I'm glad you like art; as I liked art when I was in school as well. I may be taking some more art classes at our neighbourhood house.


Thanks for going to my blog and post things on it Bronwyn G.


HI Rocio, I really liked your post, I especially love the pictures. I also love bunnies. I used to have five of them, but they ran away. I used to LOVE dolphins, I still do. But not as much. And I also love Reggeaton, And the song of Rakata, Rompe, and Chulin Culin Chunfly. Do you like the song called Doncella, by Zion y Lennox. Are there any other songs you totally adore? Do you love to shop? If you do love to shop, then what is your favorite store in the Mall?


Graciela I love to shop but I don`t know the names of the stores i just go in them without lookingat the name.Yes,the song that I adore the most is Rompe the one that Daddy Yanke and I don`t know if I like the one that Zion and Lennox sings because I never heard it before.And thank you for posting to my blog and that you told me about what songs you like and what kind of animals where your favorite.



I thought your post was very interesting. The questions you asked at the end were a great way of getting people to comment to your post.

Your writing will be easier to read if you organize your information by topic. For example, after you say your favorite things at school are P.E/ and Art, you should tell why they are your favorites before you start taking about something else.

Keep on blogging!

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