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Rocio, I think I know exactly how you feel because sometimes I feel like that with my sister. I never feel like that at school because everybody respects me as a good friend. And if you get like that just ignore the people that are bothering you.Because if they know you are mad they will keep on bothering you.
And you also cant IGNORE people that are TRYING to talk to you. On the BUS, in school and at home or any where else. I know this friend that I try to talk to her but she is always with her friend and totally ignores me. So you should not worry about people talking about you. Your real friends are the people that are always by your side and don't ignore you.

Bronwyn G

Very true Graciela.

I can relate to what you're thinking with friends. Zachary who posts here was homeschooled for a few years and he found it difficult to get along with other students at first. I suppose the other students don't always have very good social skills to smooth along the way. That can be worrying and challenging for those of us who just want to play. I think both sides have to work hard to keep a friendship, Rocio.

Mrs. Meeler

Hey Rocio! You did an excellent job expressing yourself in your post.

I agree with Bronwyn that friendship takes a lot of hardwork on both sides.

Graciela made an excellent point when she said your true friends are the ones who are ALWAYS by your side and who never ignore you. That is very true. Don't change yourself so that other people will accept you. Just be yourself and expose qualities that a good friend would want. Then you will have so many friends that you won't have anything to worry about!


When I get mad I drink soda. Your story gave me ideas and I hope you make more good ideas.I am sorry for throwing chips at you at the park.

Mrs. Anthos

I agree with Graciela & Mrs. Meeler--your true friends will always stick beside you. I remember when i was in middle school some of the girls weren't very nice to me either--sometimes they would act like we were friends, and then later on they would be mean to me & talk behind my back, It really hurt my feelings. BUT, the girls who were my true friends, are still my closest friends today. Your true friends will be around always, not just when it is convenient for them. You just be yourself, and your true spirit will shine through to others.


Graciela was wright I should`nt be anoing others and so they can be with me.And thanks for posting to my blog.


What will you do if they didn`t want to hang out with you?

Bronwyn G

How are you getting on with your friends and other people now?

Has this changed since you last wrote your blog?


Bronwyn G. Alot of things have changed from now that I wrote myblog.Yes all of my friends talk to me now than before and alot of them even if I don`t know them they tell me hi!

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